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Yinon Bar Shir

Yinon Bar-Shir Loves to Cook & Try New Foods


Yinon Bar-ShirYinon Bar-Shir feels no greater pleasure than when he is sampling foods from around the world. Whenever possible, he tries new restaurants, particularly those that excite his palate with new and different cuisines. He feels that even when he is close to home, the tastes of various regions allow his senses to take him to exotic locales.


Yinon Bar-Shir loves Greek dishes. The Mediterranean flavors are among his favorites. When he visits a Greek restaurant, he often tries something new, but finds it difficult to stay away from his preferred dishes of spanakopita and baklava.


Yinon Bar-Shir often visits Indian restaurants as well, and prides himself on having visited every local Indian restaurant, as well as many that require a significant drive. The spices from India cause his taste buds to sing, as such he works his way through restaurant menus, attempting to never experience the same dish twice. However, he ends each meal with his favorite dessert, gulab jamun, balls of cheese that are soaked in a cardamom scented honey sauce.


Yinon Bar-Shir relies on Italian food when dining out with friends and family. Though this cuisine is pleasing to most people, he is no less thrilled with checking out his local Italian eateries. While he finds that his less adventurous dining companions often stick to well known dishes like eggplant parmigiana or lasagna, he finds himself trying the most authentic cuisine possible, and has even on occasion asked the waiter to surprise him, as he is always willing to try something new.


Yinon Bar-Shir is not a gourmand, but he does spend many evenings attempting to recreate the dishes he loves to eat in restaurants. He doesn’t consider himself to be the greatest cook that every lived, but his pantry is well stocked with ingredients that appear in dishes around the world.


When it comes to sample food, Yinon bar-shir is an expert. He has an extraordinary passion to track down different restaurants and try out the different foods. Yinon is a fan of Greek dishes and the Mediterranean delicacies are among his favorites. Yinon is known as a Management Consultant, when it comes to sample food. He is a food connoisseur and loves spanakopita and baklava dishes of the Mediterranean origin. He has a soft corner for Indian food and regularly visits the Indian restaurants. The rich, spicy and aromatic Indian food captivates the senses and taste buds of Yinon. Whenever he decides to dine out with his friends or family, he deliberately chooses the Italian restaurants. Yinon is not a gourmand, but a person who favors food. His fine taste for food and knowledge of variety of dishes has made him emerge as a Marketing Consultant in the cuisine and restaurant business.

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